Monday, 11 March 2013

New Commission piece

A Great White Shark was the inspiration behind
this truly stunning piece of sculpture made by Clive who is has become the artist for sharks.In the last few months he has completed Scalloped Hammerheads, Reef sharks and now the Great White.

We received a picture of the shark breaking the waves to tear a fish off a bait line it really was a Jaws picture. If you want to find out more of how it was made, or if you would like a piece made yourself please mail me on

Sunday, 10 February 2013

          New commission underway

A diver send us a picture of a great white that had breached the water next to their boat to grab bait from a line. The shark grabbed the bait and swam away.
The picture has been used by Clive to inspire him to  design and hand sculpt this piece.
It still needs a little bit of work to finish it and will then need to dry out for 10 days before Clive can then add the coloured glazes and finish fire it.If you would like to see the finished work please sign up to our newsletter and I will forward a picture when it,s complete.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Boot show Dusseldorf

 Wow now that,s what I call a dive suit

Last weekend we went international with a three day trip to Europe,s largest dive show. Padi invited us to help raise funds for project aware. I spent my time helping out on the stand in between wandering the halls showing off a video reel of the making of the Reef shark that we had donated.

 I met some great people and even managed a few German beers at the end of long busy days. I have a ton of e mailing to do this week to divers from as far apart as Chile to the Maldives and many other countries. Our European dive buddies were very impressed with the art work I was able to show them and we are in discussions with a dive centre in Belguim about creating a 6 foot shark to hang from the centre,s ceiling, life is very surreal sometimes. That is what I love about this venture everything we do is different and I spend my time talking to other divers who are all passionate about the sport. I will have to seriously consider having a stand there next year the turn out of divers from all across Europe and further afield would be a great show case of our marine art.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Boot Show 2013

Any divers going to the Boot Show in Dusseldorf next week please take the time out to visit Padi,s Project Aware stand and buy a raffle ticket. The show starts this Friday and runs until Sunday 27th January.I will be on the stand myself for the last three days helping to promote and sell the tickets to raise funds for the project  For those of you who don,t know about the project they work and campaign to stop plastic waste ending up in the oceans and to end the de finning of sharks, both extremely worth while causes and worthy of any divers support.
One of the main prizes is our stunning Reef Shark sculpture hand made by Clive, it really is a striking piece of work and should raise a lot of money to help carry on their great work.
To find out more about the whole event please follow the link below

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Diving in Lanzarote

Just back from a trip to Lanzarote and what a great time we had. A big thanks to Kev , Manu and Maria at Canary Island divers for taking care of us and having a laugh as well. Loved the Spanish Xmas cake Manu brought into the dive centre and let,s hope the King I found inside it brings me the luck it,s supposed to this year.

I managed to get some great underwater shots thanks to Manu who must have eagle eyes, he did not miss anything which led to me getting some great shots of an octopus crawling out from under a rock.
The high light for me was spotting my first Angel shark which was just sitting on the bottom hidden by sand I was incredibly lucky to spot it the camouflage was so good but what a great sight as it gilded away from us,the only disappointment it was on my first dive and I did,nt take the camera down I wanted to just concentrate on the dive as it was the first in a little while. It certainly taught me to never go down without the canon G11 in my hand.

I would recommend the Island to anyone who has never dived there ,the vis is good all year round and the temperature never drops below about 20 degrees, and there is plenty to see and photograph if you are into the old photography like me.
There is also tons of places to go and visit for a small Island we loved it and can,t wait to go back again.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Memory Window

Daniella has just completed a memory window for a new client. Our customer wanted something different for his daughter as a Christmas present, something not only artistic but that would evoke memories of the trip of a live time that she had recently returned from.
She had swam with dolphins whilst on holiday in Cuba and that was to become the main focus for the panels design. We discussed other things that could be included, and if you look closely you can spot 10 hand painted items that have been included onto the panel.
To anyone other than the father and his daughter the panel would just look like a beautifully made piece of art but to my customer, who commissioned the piece it will mean so much more because it,s personal to them, and that is the whole point of the Memory Window.
If you have an idea you would like to talk about please contact me.
Good diving Paul

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Whats Happening

We have just begun a commission for a wall hung sculpture of hammerhead sharks. We were delighted to accept the work as we have been keen to produce a shark wall piece for a while. We of course already have the Reef Shark sculpture that we had on show in Birmingham, which everyone agrees is a striking piece of work. However we were hoping to create a wall hung piece that is within the price reach of most divers.
I will post a few pictures of the piece as it is being made, should be within a week. This piece is going to look great, if anyone out there is interested in any form of shark art work please mail me your idea,s on what you would like made.

I spend a lot of time on the web, researching the dive industry looking for people who may be interested in what we have to offer. During my research recently I uncovered a company based in New York which really blew me away.

As you know I am passionate about diving and bringing the beauty of the underwater world into people homes by creating totally unique pieces of marine art,these guys do just that but for real.

The company called Okeanos group have taken the hobby of keeping tropical fish to a spectacular level, in fact it would be a crime to refer to their work as just for hobbyists. They create beautiful Aquariums that really are a work of art in themselves. You can check out their work at

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